Dane Kaczynski

Visual Production & Creation
Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
What I Do

I solely produce commercial, corporate, and creative video for corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and private individuals.

I am a one-man, digital production house---fluent in all stages of visual production from content creation, script writing, and directing to lighting, audio recording, and videography to editing, graphic effects, music composition, and animation.

I keep my client's goals and focal points my top priority while transforming the pieces of audio, video, still images, and graphics into an artistic and professional story-driven video. I continuously challenge myself with new genres, technology, movement, and approach so that I expand my production ability and quality.

With over six years of professional digital production experience both independently and with studios; I have produced a wide range of digital projects for an incredible variety of clients, putting my once described as "overactive" imagination to work.

Who I am

I am a storyteller, a constant dreamer, and a creative down to the marrow of my bones. Spending any amount of time with me will typically yield a multitude of stories, as well as a shared appreciation for the human experience. I take a poetically artistic approach to the process of visual creation by imbuing inflection and meaning in every cut, fade, and motion in order to envoke emotion from viewers. I hope you enjoy some of the content I have created, and even more than that--I hope you can feel it.

No matter what life brings you
"Laugh. You're still alive."


Your vision may be an email away from reality.